So long, Sunday Scaries: a guide

There’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing after a long week, whether that means hanging out by the pool with friends or binge watching your favourite series on Netflix. But after some quality time on Saturday, a big wave of pre-week anxiety hits you like a brick. 

Sunday Scaries (or Sunday blues) refers to the feelings of anxiety or dread that creep in the day before coming back to work. Suddenly your mind races through your to-do list, your upcoming performance review, or that fight you had with an annoying coworker. Not exactly the definition of a chill weekend. 

Having been through it one too many times, I’ve come up with an easy guide to get rid of the Sunday Scaries once and for all. Thank me later. 


The art of conscious breathing is everywhere nowadays, and for good reason. Just 5 minutes of deep, conscious breaths can help you be more present in the moment so you can actually enjoy your Sunday without worrying about what will happen next. 

Trust yourself

Most of the time these feelings arise when we’re scared or anxious about what the week will bring. Whatever is going on in your life, trust that you’ll be able to handle it, even when you can’t predict or control every situation. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. 

Plan something fun

Instead of sitting around waiting for Monday to come, try to do stuff you enjoy to keep your mind distracted from the pre-week stress. Bonus tip: plan a special activity for Monday evening, that way you’ll actually look forward to the start of the week. 

Cook your favourite meal

I often make myself an extra nice lunch to take with me on Monday – so even if the day is just as stressful as I feared, I’ll have a little pocket of happiness waiting for me in the form of a chicken noodle stir fry. 

Remember: it’s just another day 

Sure, waking up at the crack of dawn and returning to the hectic routine isn’t fun – but Mondays are just a day in the calendar. Some will be fun and some will suck, but try not to take them too seriously and be grateful you’re around to see both the good and the bad. 

Last but not least, don’t live your life waiting for the weekend. Live every day as it comes and find happiness in the mundane, find joy in the routine, and see every Monday as a new opportunity to start fresh. You’ve got this. 

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